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Samsara [Sanskrit] is the Buddhist & Hindu concept of life, death & rebirth which describes the cyclical nature of all matter and beings. Samsara denim brings life back to discarded denim textiles by creating newly functional yoga & lifestyle accessories. Designed for the Gold Coast lifestyle of the yogi on the move; walking from a yoga class to the beach with everything they need.

Samsara Recycled Denim Bucket Hat

  • this handmade broad brim bucket hat comes in a variety of denim colours. every product is completely unique due to the nature of recycled denim and the handmade process of making. the internal faces are self lined or cotton lined and there is a small pip tag with the logo is applied to the edge of the brim. due to the handmade nature of these products, there will be variances to each product hat make your hat truly one of a kind!

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