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This online course includes a digital PDF workbook and video series that covers 5 foundational yoga postures: Downward Dog, Low Plank, Low Lunge, Warrior 1 and Warrior 2.


The workbook will describe each posture's Sanskrit name, key alignment points, modifications and enegetic benefits. While each video walks through the physical appearance of the shapes and guides you through the modifications in a visual manner.


This short online series is perfect for beginner yogis. It is designed to help break down these common postures to help you feel more confident in a public class setting and really get the most out of your yoga practice!


Upon purchase you will receive a link to download your workbook and an email with the password to the video series that is available in the 'Services' section of the website.


Big thanks to Studio Paradise at Saint Andrews Beach for allowing me to film this series in their beautiful space.

Yoga Foundations Online Course

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