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Why Cork?

As you may be aware, Flow with Sisko has recently ventured into the yoga props industry with the launch of our beautiful cork and natural rubber yoga mat. So you might be asking, why cork?

Environmental sustainability is of the highest priorities at Flow with Sisko, so creating a yoga mat that upholds those standards is essential. In my research, I discovered cork yoga products and I want to share why I have confidently chosen cork.

Cork is a highly renewable material. As you can see in the image to the right, cork is harvested from the Cork Oak Tree bark and does not require the tree to be chopped down. The tree will then regenerate more bark and can continue to be harvested again and again.

Pretty great right?

Some key benefits of cork are:

  • Cork has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, meaning it is resistant to mould, bacteria and odours.

  • Cork is flexible, durable, easy to clean.

  • Cork's natural buoyancy makes it completely supportive for your practice, and it gets more grippy with moisture so bring on the sweaty vinyasas!

  • The natural texture of cork is warm, neutral and absolutely gorgeous.

  • Cork and natural rubber are heat bonded together without the use of glues or toxins so this mat is completely biodegradable!

You should know that not all cork products are the same. As mentioned above, it is important to do the research and select a cork product that is paired with other natural materials to ensure it is biodegradable and meeting the eco standards it claims. Beware of TPE backed yoga mats as they claim to be environmentally friendly, but are really made of plastic! K-mart, we see you.... The best way to decipher this if its unclear is weight. Natural rubber mats are weightier while plastic mats tend to be extremely light weight and don't lay flat.

I have now been practising daily with my cork and natural rubber yoga mat and can say it has won my heart. From it's smooth yet grippy surface, to the natural colour and texture, and of course knowing that this mat is not harming our planet, I am a cork convert and I know you will be too.

These gorgeous mats are available now on the website [link below] for pre-sale and are expected to be ready to ship by the end of July. Shipping is FREE within Australia! Please reach out with any questions. I am always more than happy to chat about yoga and sustainability!

With love,

Sophie xx

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