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What puts the flow in Sisko

Have you ever stopped and considered what is your purpose?

It's a biggie, and can stop you in your tracks if the answer does not align with your lifestyle.

I invite you to take a minute now and ask yourself, what am I passionate about? Write down 3-5 words, and observe whether or not your daily actions are supporting those things.

This will continue to evolve overtime but it is important to cultivate this practice so you are able to live wholly fulfilled by the knowledge that you are where you need to be or at least headed towards it.


Underpinning core values is fundamental in creating a foundation for a successful business, and this is especially true when sharing the heart-centred practice of yoga.

So I have been doing a lot of observing, listing and contemplating...

About what it is that made me fall in love with yoga in the first place, who I will be able to most effectively serve, and how I can offer this service in a way that is unique and true to myself.

It has come down to two things:

Value & Authenticity

Creating a product that is of value to my students, in a way that is authentic to myself.


So here it is...

Flow with Sisko is a place where we learn to deeply love and accept ourselves, which enables us to love and accept others, our planet, and all beings. Flow with Sisko encourages students to live mindfully and meaningfully on and off the mat, by appreciating the simple things, slowing down and following their intuition. Flow with Sisko is a place of non-judgement and open-mindedness, a place where students can seek guidance but also empowerment. Teaching ancient yogic practices and philosophies in the form of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath), Mantra and Meditation as tools for this introspection to help guide students to their highest self. The highest self is not a destination, but a daily journey built by lots of small rituals devoted to creating a sustainable and purposeful lifestyle full of positivity, creativity and connection.

By offering yoga based on principles that are close to my heart through writing, live/recorded classes and workshops, I hope to build this beautiful community into a place of trust, collaboration and growth for all to share. Part of embracing this online platform means that the message is able to spread beyond the reach of physicality making this an even more open and diverse community. I thank you for being here.

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