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Grow & Let Go

As glimpses of warmer weather start to become more frequent, a sense of rejuvenation and fresh energy fill the air. Spring is the time of renewal, vitality and growth. To create space for the new, it is important to thank and bid farewell to the old. Consciously cultivating areas of growth, and acknowledging what needs to be let go.

Taking a few moments to pause during the transition of seasons is a powerful opportunity to check in with yourself and embrace the larger cyclical changes of nature around us. Unfortunately, our modern human existence tends to be fairly seperate from nature and while we can appreciate her beauty, we lack a deeper understanding of our connection to the natural forces that be.

Spring brings lots of changes to the world around and inside of us, notice some of the natural shifts in your body and nature that are happening right now. These are some complimentary yoga and lifestyle practices that are great to incorporate into this time of year to help facilitate this transition.

Connect with nature. This could look like practising yoga outside or taking a walk. You might bring some flowers or a plant into your home or plant a veggie garden. Watch the way nature flourishes this time of year!

Energise your practice. The winter months often call for slower movement and grounding, so to shake off that winter energy, it is encouraged to move a little more. Twisting and inversions are great ways to circulate blood flow in the body and get things moving around.

Eat fresh foods. As the weather starts to become warmer, we naturally crave fresh, raw foods, such as smoothies and salads, to balance out the body. Eating seasonal and local produce is fantastic for your health, the environment and your community of farmers!

I invite you to ponder this for yourself over the course of the next day or week, how are you ready to grow and let go? Sometimes the answer is clear and the first thing that comes to mind is exactly what you need, but if it doesn't come to you straight away, that is okay too, just hold the space for yourself to pose the question. You might find it helpful to use this as a journal prompt and get your thoughts out on paper, or even discuss the idea with a loved one.

Thank you for being here and I wish you a flourishing Spring!

Sophie x

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