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Get to know Sophie


It is a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Sophie, and I am very excited to share my passion for yoga with you.

I want to write a little bit about myself and how Flow with Sisko has come to be. So that no matter where you have joined me on this wonderful journey, you feel like you know me a little more personally than through this two dimensional virtual experience.

The beginning will start with a very condensed version of what was a pretty unique childhood. I was born in Hong Kong where I lived for about five years. I have a younger brother who is my lifelong bestie (although we didn't think so at the time). My family then moved to Australia and onto the United States (Seattle and Portland), staying in both places for about seven years. This is the explanation for my funny accent that you might notice in my classes!

Although I met some wonderful people in the US, it seemed that I left part of my heart in Australia and decided to move back to Melbourne by myself after finishing high school. I wasn't sure how long I might stay but it has been ten years now and I have not considered moving back. Like finding the right puzzle piece - some things just fit.

As a younger person, I did not have much of an understanding or even interest in physical health and wellness. I have always been very emotionally intelligent and I think that when I started to realise the connection between physical and mental health, I began to integrate this into my own life. I tried a few yoga classes and was doing plenty of online youtube classes, which is a big reason that I offer free online classes on youtube, because I know how valuable it was for me as a newcomer! I ended up doing my Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer certifications in 2015 which gave me a taste of how good it feels to be able to teach and share this passion with others.

Since then, I studied and took up a career as an Interior Designer and have been able to do lots of incredible travel with my beautiful fiancé. During this time, through different teachers and studios around the world, my yoga practice and passion continued to progress until I took the leap of faith into my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in January of 2020. Much the same as everyone else, the year of 2020 has been full of surprises for me and one of them has been the opportunity to teach yoga online. At first, it was not what I had expected of myself as a yoga teacher so I felt hesitant, but my frame of mind has shifted for the better and now I am so inspired by the opportunities and connections online teaching can facilitate.

Some other facts about me are that I am a lover of all things living and find most of my inspiration from nature. I live by the ocean and visit her every single day. I love to go bush walking, camping and kayaking. I am a serial entrepreneur and have run creative freelance businesses in writing, mural painting, graphic design, interior design and now teaching yoga. I love writing about design, wellness and environmental conservation. I also write poetry. I have about twelve tattoos so far (I think?) with plans for more than I probably have space for. My favourite place in the world is Sri Lanka, my favourite movie is Across the Universe and my favourite book is How to Change your Mind by Michael Pollan. I am a sun worshipper and a vegetarian. I love animals and I love food.

So with that, I thank you very, very much for joining me on this journey as we navigate the many idiosyncrasies of the online tech world in a shared adoration of yoga, philosophy and wellness together. I cannot wait to get to know everyone of you even better too!

Sophie xx

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Susan Sisko
Susan Sisko
Oct 19, 2020

Beautiful tale from a beautiful girl - with a funny accent.


Morris Goodwin
Morris Goodwin
Oct 19, 2020

Who does your photography? It's amazing!

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