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5 tips to staying positive in the face of Climate Change & Eco-Anxiety

At Flow with Sisko, we endeavour to promote holistic wellness for our three homes: body, mind and earth. It is these three things that provide us with the richness of life and it is our duty to care for them equally to achieve lasting wellness.

The current environmental situation we face can be a tricky one to navigate. While there are many of us who care deeply for the health of the planet, it can feel like we are unable to make a real difference. Especially when there is not enough change happening on a larger scale...

As an avid lover of the outdoors and environmental activist, I have experienced my fair share of doubt and despair. While it can feel overwhelming and sometimes I just want to give up, I know that is not my path and I must carry on doing whatever I can to protect the earth. With that, I have created this list of tips and tricks that always help me get back on track when I feel a bit stressed. I hope that it can support you when you need it, and in turn we can all show up for our shared home together.

1. Spend time outdoors to remind yourself what it is you are passionate about protecting. This can look different for everyone, be it a place or activity that makes you feel connected to nature. This step is generally all it takes for me. Being outside and seeing the marvels of nature makes me fiercely passionate about protecting it. On the same note, there are some sad truths out there that we are able to see when we look to nature. Be prepared that sometimes the affects of Climate Change will stare you in the face and that can also feel pretty intense.

2. Acknowledge when you are feeling burnt out and take some time for yourself to recharge. This is fantastically important, as just like anything in life, when you push too hard, things start to crack. You are allowed to take off your eco-warrior cap every now and then to relax and enjoy life. It can be a heavy burden to carry around all the time, so it's important to check in with yourself and take the time you need to look after those other two homes we mentioned earlier. Take the rest you need when you need it so you can come back feeling more positive and motivated than ever.

3. Remember that every little bit counts! It can be overwhelming to feel like you need to take on the whole world. Small steps are what make up the longer journey. You might not be able to influence policy changes or corporate decisions (right now), but you can influence the people around you, you can make a difference in your own life, and you can only do that by starting somewhere, often with small changes. I have found that when I set the mark too high, I feel like I have failed when I do not meet that goal. However, I am not saying "lower your standards" but more encouraging an approach of creating milestones and appreciation for the steps along the way.

4. Give yourself some credit. This point builds on from the previous. I find it really helpful to regularly remind myself of the actions I am already taking. Once we have implemented things into our lives, they can become like second nature and in-turn forgotten. So give yourself some credit for what you have accomplished; that might be swapping to a KeepCup or cycling to work, and feel proud of it. It can also be nice to remind yourself of the facts behind those impacts, affirming the meaning behind each of your efforts. Just like we want to build up those around us, this step is about building up ourselves and giving credit where credit it due.

5. Reach out to others. Find people who share your passion for the environment and share their vibes! When your energy levels are down, it can be really refreshing to speak to someone who is feeling particularly motivated. Then maybe one day you can return the favour. As mentioned above, it is all about building each other up to face these challenges together! Find a local activist group that you can join, or start up a conversation with some friends and you might find a supportive community there for yourself. I have found this especially motivating when I can see the seemingly smaller actions (KeepCup, cycling to work etc.) taken by a group, the power of those actions grows exponentially before my eyes!

We can all make a difference towards the recovery of our planet. It is not about grand statements like "saving the world" or having to be being perfect, but rather doing the best we can and being willing to keep learning. I hope that if you are ever experiencing eco-anxiety or stress related to the environment, you can use these steps to brighten your mood. When there is such a large and encompassing issue, as individuals, it can seem like we are helpless or ill-equipped, however I will end this post with a favourite quote of mine as some food for thought,

"I am just one person, said 7 billion people."

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below or write me an email. I love to discuss wellness, sustainability and all things in between!

With love,

Sophie xx

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Great article Sophie & top notch advice!


Morris Goodwin
Morris Goodwin
Aug 02, 2021

Great article!

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