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3 tips to maintaining a yoga practice while travelling:

As I embark on the fourth week of our 3 month road trip around Australia, I have been aware of how much easier it is to rely on familiarity to support my wellness routines at home. When travelling and no two days are the same, it can be more challenging to attach a daily yoga practice to other parts of the day.

So I have come up with a few tips to share with you that have helped encourage me to get on my mat (or patch of grass or sand) and practice, no matter the place, duration or intensity.

~ be flexible with your's not going to always look the same as it did at home, so embrace that. Yoga on the sand is lumpy but makes for extra balance! A new situation or style of practice can also be an opportunity to break out of old habits and learn something new.

~ let go of what yoga is "supposed" to look like...sitting for 5 minutes of meditation or pranayama is very much yoga. Sometimes an hour of pumping vinyasa just doesn't fit into the schedule, so look for other ways to be mindful throughout your day. It has helped me to distinguish what it is I am seeking from my yoga practice each day and use that as a guide.

~ be kind to yourself...set attainable goals for your daily practice. You can always expand your practice as the situation suits but allowing yourself the sense of satisfaction for any effort achieved builds confidence and self motivation. I am a big fan of this approach as I believe there is nothing more demotivating than the feeling of disappointment, so I don't set myself up to fail. If we practice yoga for our own physical and spiritual development, then we should be cheering ourselves on, not looking from a place of lack.

Whether just in general life or while travelling, these principles have helped me stay in touch with my yoga practice, and I hope they can help you too!

As always, I love to hear your thoughts - what keeps you coming back to your mat?

Until next time,

Sophie xx

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